About David J. Brown

I was held back in the 1st and 2nd grades. The school district deemed me as borderline retarded. They didn’t know of my many severe beatings that caused me to have blurred vision, hearing difficulties and the inability to understand directions. I was lifted each year and never earned a passing grade, all through school.

In mid 2009 (after a spiritual experience) I decided to write this book. I have never attended College. I have never taken a writing class. I did not Google or buy any “How to”, books. I followed my passion and I wrote this book. I could not afford a editor. There are errors throughout this book.

It stands to reason that if a flawed man, writes about a flawed man, the book itself will also be flawed. Since publication, several readers have contacted me to offer to edit the book, as they are so taken by it’s contents.