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Now available! #BeLikeEd by Christine Richie-Bomey & David J. Brown

#BeLikeEd is a compilation of stories and letters about United States Airforce veteran and YouTuber, Edward Allen Morris. While Ed has passed from this world, his gift of validation remains. Validation is the most valued gift anyone can give or receive. Be a Giver. Be a Reacher. #BeLikeEd.

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About David J. Brown

David J. Brown has a career history that has brought him face-to-face with situations ranging from heartwrenching to nightmare inducing.  Through his many years as a paramedic and police officer, he struggled with demons aggravated by the job and in learning to process them found that he could help others.  His first book, Daddy Had to Say Goodbye, started as a way for him to process all he had seen and experienced over the years, but he was encouraged to share his story to help others.  David’s new book, Flesh of a Fraud, follows a pair of inquisitive readers as they dive into the story and the message of David’s first book.

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