Daddy Had to Say Goodbye…


Author David J. Brown has a career history that has brought him face-to-face with situations ranging from heartwrenching to nightmare inducing.  Through his many years as a paramedic and police officer, he struggled with demons aggravated by the job and in learning to process them found that he could help others.  His first book, Daddy Had to Say Goodbye, started as a way for him to process all he had seen and experienced over the years, but he was encouraged to share his story to help others.

“Daddy had to say Goodbye” is based on a true story of how a severely broken man hides his mental illness. Good looks, poise, humor and engaging grace covers his many scars. He struggles to find the will to live by saving other people’s lives. But develops PTSD from his work as a Paramedic and Police Officer. Conjoined with his lifelong depression and alcoholism, Clinton Flanagan faces the hard end. The taste of gun oil from his duty weapon brings him out of his alcohol-induced blackout. It was “Eat a bullet and die now or get my life right.” He knew what he had to do but feared he didn’t have the courage to live sober and face his truths.”  Read more

Daddy Had to Say Goodbye will be reprinted at the end of 2017, and his new book Flesh of a Fraud will be released XXXX.

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